Blog Science is a such type blog where you can get the facts basically related to science. It highlighted the scientific facts using simple english language, that everyone can accept it easily. Here, you may find many questions with solutions. Now i am on the way to give it more better value including physics topics,news, did you know facts etc. I want to include more knowledge elements whichever i'm learning through this blogging journey like the blogging tips for a beginner. And lot more things.

My blog highlighted over :-

        • Blogging tips
        • Science related facts
        • Physics topics
        • Did you know facts
        • News
        • And more to come.....

Who am I ?

I am a graduate student with major science subject PHYSICS under the renounced University of Kalyani.
From the beginning it was my intention to present my subject physics in front of everyone highlighting the interesting facts. And i want to give all my knowledges to all my blog followers.

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