How and Where from Google earns money?

How does google earn money

So, today our topic is little bit different. Today, we will not discuss about earning money online. However, we will know "how millions of people are earning money at home?" but "how the company is making income?"

Hey, you're right, today we're going to talk about "how Google makes money?" Google is considered one of the world's best technology companies.

Today, people like me and you, can earn money online through Blogger, YouTube, Google play store and Google Adsense. All these types of services provide by the Google.

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And if I'm not making any mistake, people are making thousands of bucks every day using Google's services.

You can't even imagine how much money can be earned online every day through "Google Adsense". If Google is giving thousands of people a chance to make money every day, then the question is "How does Google make revenue itself?".

To answer this question, I am writing this article today. So today we will know, "how Google is earning money?".

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How does Google earn?

Before we discuss about how Google makes income, let's move on to the "What is Google?"

Google LLC is an "American multinational technology company" specializing in Internet-related products and services. That means, Google has created many kinds of well-known products and services, which are particularly internet related. Some of Google's popular products and services are "online advertising solutions", "cloud computing solutions", "search engine", "Android OS", "office tools", "email service", "blogger", "Google play. store ”and many more.

However, Google is known to us and 99% of people know it as an online web search engine. Because, first of all, Google only started from a web search engine.

1. From YouTube ads

How Google earns money?

YouTube is Google's service, with millions of videos. Moreover, thousands of new videos are uploaded here every day.
YouTube is Google's business model from which Google earns the majority of its revenue as advertising revenue.

That means, on YouTube videos, ads are shown by Google. When you watch videos on YouTube, some ads are shown before the video starts. And, if you watch that ad completely, YouTube earns about $ 0.20- $ 1.75. The amount of money earned for advertising depends on different factors.

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Big companies also pay YouTube to show their ads on some of the most YouTube channels.
A large portion of Google's total revenue comes from these ads on YouTube.

2. Google Adsence.

Google adsense is a network using which Google is making a lot of money. Content writers use this Google platform. With Adsense, blog or YouTube channel owners can earn money through their content.
Different advertisers pay Google to advertise their products and services through the "Google ads platform". And, bloggers or YouTube channels, show those ads to their visitors though online content.
In return, Google advertisers pay a part of revenue to "content creators or ad publishers".

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In it, as advertisers get targeted audiences, online content creators like Google and we are getting the chance to make money. In this, everyone is making a profit.

So, through this Google can earn the most money.

3. Google play store.

As we all know, Google play store is Google's service where we get thousands of "Android apps".

However, in the Google Play Store, also has to pay Google a $ 25 fee to upload applications (apps). And, every day, thousands of apps are on the Google Play Store.

So, you can guess how much revenue Google can generate.

4. Software by Google

Google has many types of computer software and android mobile software.
However, most of the software or apps we can use for free.
But there are some apps or software that we have to buy from Google.
Moreover, Google has its own mobile operating system (OS) that we call "Android".
We all know how popular Android OS is and the demand for this OS on any smartphone.

In this case, many mobile companies must pay Google to use Google's Android OS on their mobile.
And almost every mobile company is using Google android OS on their mobile.
So, Google is making a lot of money from here too.

5. Selling ad on search engine.

How google earns money

You can definitely see in the image above, when Google searches for a keyword or topic, Google shows some ads at the top of its SERP (search engine result page).
To show these ads on google search engine, various advertisers and companies pay Google.

Using the Google ads platform, anyone who wants to see an ad on a keyword or topic can tell Google.

Going to this online advertising platform of Google, you can do marketing, promotion, app installs or advertising of your product, service, website, video or app. And, for which Google "advertisers" take some money.

However Google Ads is not limited to just "search engine". Your ads, are displayed as "search engines" as well as ads on various "websites", "apps" and "blogs".

6. Google pixel smartphone

Google Pixel is a consumer electronic service device brand created by Google. This device or smartphone from Google uses, "chrome OS" or "android operating system".

So, pixel devices are also a great source of income for Google.

So guys, you know, "How does Google earn?"
That's how Google earns the most revenue from "Google ads" and "Google adsense".

However, what I said above is that Google has other products, services and software that are also the source of income for Google.

Moreover, "Google pixel" is a consumer electronic service device (smartphones) developed by Google, which covers a good portion of Google's income.

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