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  • 1. Newton's laws of motion.
  • 2. Discussion of Newton's first law.
  • 3. What is inertia of matter?
  • 4. Types of inertia.
  • 5. What is inertia of rest?
  • 6. What is inertia of motion?
  • 7. Concept of force from Newton's first law.

From everyday experience, everyone has a basic idea about the Force. Suppose you have to move q table from one corner to the other. The only thing that needs to be done is the force.

Likewise, throwing a ball or during run, mechanical force is applied with the help of muscle. Again, earth Applies gravitational force to the objects.

Only force can cause change in velocity of an object. However, when multiple forces are simultaneously acting on an object, its velocity changes may not happen. If the net force of this multiple foces is zero, the velocity of the object does not change.

For example, a heavy rock can not be moved by a person. Meanwhile, the net force is also called unbalanced force.

Statement of the Laws of Motion.

In 1687, scientist Sir Isaac Newton published the Principia book on the motion of moving objects, in the universe. These laws of motion are known as Newton's laws of motion.

Newton's first law

Every body persists in its state of rest or of uniform velocity unless the body is compelled to change that state by a net external force.

Newton's second law

The rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the impressed force and the change takes place in the direction in which the force acts.

Newton's third law

To every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Discussion of the First law

From Newton's first law we come know about these concepts

1. Inertia of matter.
3. About force.

Concept of inertia of matter

As we can see from the discussion of the first formula. The normal property of the static object is to remain stop and the normal property of the moving object is to maintain its speed. In both cases the object is capable of changing its state from its own. The inability of matter called Inertia. Because of that Newton's first law is also called Law of inertia. This inertia is related to mass. The greater the mass of a matter, the greater its inertia.

What is inertia?????

A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.

There are two types of inertia
1. Inertia of rest
2. Inertia of motion.

1. What is inertia of rest ???

Due to which property, a rest object wants to continue its existing state of rest.

When a bus starts suddenly, the passengers are get a little movment in the backword direction.

2. What is inertia of motion ??

Due to which property, a moving object wants to continue its uniform motion.

when a moving bus suddenly stops, the passegers are lean forward.

Concept of Force

By applying which, we can change or try to change the velocity of an object is called Force.

Force is a vector quantity. It has both the direction and value. The force line function also important factor.

Force acting

As an example

Considering the figure, a ball "R" is placed on plain floor. In this case, "f1" force is acting along "BC" and "f2" force is acting along "OA" on this ball "R". The results of these different forces will be different. Because the force "f1" tries to move it linearly. And the force "f2" tries to rotate.

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