Download copyright free images from Google

download copyright free images from google

Welcome to Hello, In this article of today we are discussing about "how you can download Copyright Free Image?" from Google Image.

How To Download Copyright Free Images from Google Image.

We all know that images are very important for our website because through images we can give our article. more attractive look, informative. Therefore, we should use images in our article, but if we use copyrighted images in our article, then the owner of the image of the website can give us a copyright Claim due to which our website may be closed or our Adsense Account can be disabled.

Therefore, you should upload only copyright free images to your website. There are many websites on the Internet like,,, etc that provide you the facility to download copyright free images, but those websites have very limited images for any topic.

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But we know Google is the best company. And the products by Google are also unique. When any thing comes to Google. We feel it's ok.

Google Image is the best option to download images, because here you have images available on all topics / keywords, so you can easily find a lot of Images on Google Image.

To download copyright free imges from google , follow the steps given below.

Step-1: At first, open your browser.

download copyright free images

Step-2: Search the keyword for which we want to get copyright free images. Here in the picture I searched for "copyright free image".

download copyright free images

Step-3: After searching keyword, click the "images" option.

download copyright free images

Step-4: Now, click the "Tools" option.

How to download copyright free images

Step-5: There are 5 more options under "Usage rights". One of them is the option “Labeled for reuse with modification”, click on it.
 download copyright free images from google

Step-6: After clicking on that option, you can download and modify all the images that you will see, you can also add the logo and text of your blog in it.

Hope you have come to know how to download copyright free image from Google.  If you still have questions related to it, then you can feel free to ask. And tell us also how you liked this article.

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