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If you have a blog or website, it is very important to know what is Domain authority,or DA. It is associated with a website's "search engine traffic" and "SEO". So, as a blogger, it is not fair to ignore this issue.

In this article, I will tell you all about the "Domain Authority". Do you know what is Domain Authority (DA)? how to check the "domain authority" of a website ?
how to increase the domain authority of the website?

What is Domain Authority ?

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score issued by moz organization / company.

With this domain authority score, the ability of any website to rank in search engines is estimated.

How well a website has the ability to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs) can be estimated using DA scores.

That means, the more a website has a domain authority score, the more likely it is to rank better in search engines than other low DA websites.

Therefore, this process is considered as a very important search engine ranking factor.

As an example,

You and my blog have an article on same topic.

So, now whose article on Google will put the article on the top search result page?

If your website's DA score is higher than my website's DA score, then there is a chance that Google will show your article in its top search result page than my article.

So, having a higher DA score means that, in the Google search engine, your website's ranking is greater.

Domain authority can be anywhere from 1 to 100 on any website. However, websites within DA 20 to 50 can easily rank most low competition keywords.

We can increase the domain authority score of our website through various means.

And, this process of increasing DA, later on in "Off page SEO".

How to check the domain authority of your website?

We have many free websites to check DA score.

For example, by visiting the "sitechecker authority checker" website we can easily check the domain authority score of any website.

Check the Domain Authority score.

As you can see in the picture above, you should go to the website and enter your website's URL "ADDRESS" in the "authority checker box".

Then, clicking on the search option will show you the DA score of your website below.

Moreover, we have many other online DA score checker tools for checking the authority of a website.

For example

  • ahrefs authority checker tool. 
  • Seoreviewtools.com.
  • Moz link explorer.

So guys, let's use the tools above, you can easily find the DA score of your blog and website.

How to increase the domain authority of the website? As I said earlier, the more you increase the domain authority of your website, the greater your ranking potential in search engine.

Therefore, every blogger and website owner works hard to increase the DA score of their blog and website.

And, you can also increase the authority of your website domain by using some of the different "Off page SEO" techniques.

So, below we know some of the ways to increase domain authority.

5 tips to increase DA score fast

1. Write a high quality article.

Publish high quality and original articles on your blog. Articles or content that people will often find good to read and that article has all the information related to the subject of the article.

Good and high quality content in any case, are good for your blogging career. And, it is very important to increase the DA score.

2. On page SEO

You need to work better on "On page SEO". This "On Page SEO" provides many important parts to increase your website's DA score. In this case, you have to pay attention to some specific on-page SEO factors such as page titles, keyword placement, keyword density, image optimization.

3. Interlinking articles.

The DA score can be increased by using the internal linking technique correctly.  However, it is important to use internal linking properly.

Internal linking allows you to reduce the average bounce rate of a website. And, it will surely increase the authority of the website.

Internal linking is a process where, while writing an article on a blog, a link to some other articles related to the topic of that article is added to the article.

As an example,

If you notice, in this article I have added links to some of the articles I have already written about other topic.

In it, those who read my article will find more information and Google search robots will easily find and crawl my articles.

In order to increase the DA score of the blog, internal linking is a must but serious.

4. Publish a regular article.

How many articles you publish in your blog in a month, will have a lot of impact on the DA of the blog.

If you want to increase the domain authority of the blog fast, you will publish 8 to 20 articles in less than a month.

In this, the DA of the blog will increase rapidly.

However, if you stop publishing regular articles, the domain authority is much more likely to decline again.

Therefore, always be careful to publish regular articles on the blog.

5. Generate high quality backlink.

Creating a high quality backlink for your blog is not straightforward.  However, if you can create, as your DA increases, the ability to rank your website's search engine will increase exponentially.

However, keep in mind that most bloggers or website owners use some low quality link building strategy, in order to easily create a backlink.

For example, fiver, directory submission or spam commenting techniques.

However, using this kind of technique only low quality backlink can be created and as a result the search engine ranking of your blog is reduced instead of increasing.

Therefore, this kind of backlink creation process is very harmful to your blog.

How to create a good backlink?

  1. social media websites such as "Facebook", "Twitter", "Instagram", and then share each article of the blog. In addition, with getting free social media traffic, the blog's DA will certainly increase.
  2. Guest posting is a more popular way to create high quality backlink.  In this process, you have to contact other blogs and their owners who are involved with the topic of your blog, then submit their own article to the blog.You will be sure to link to your blog in the articles you submit. Because, this will create a new backlink.
  3. Create high quality content. If you write high quality articles and work for people, that article will automatically get backlinks from other blogs.

To say high quality content, your articles should be easy-to-read, pictures and info-graphics related to the subject of the article.

Our last words,

So friends, I hope you know well about domain authority, how to check domain authority and how to increase the DA of the website.

Remember, the DA of a new domain or website can take a long time to grow.  You simply write good articles, create good backlinks, and share your articles on social media sites.

In it, the DA of your website will increase as soon as possible.

Finally, keep in mind the fact that you have to publish regular articles on your blog.

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