What are Backlinks? | Increase blog traffic using Backlinks (2020)

Many bloggers today are worried about what is a backlink and how to create a backlink?. However, if you have a blog or website, and you want to get a lot of free traffic and visitors to the website from Google search engine, then you need to create a backlink.

Backlinks, is a very important part of Off-page SEO. And, by doing this you can make search engine ranking of your website or blog much better.

Because, the higher the quality backlinks of your website, the better the domain authority of your blog.

Remember, the better your website's domain authority, the more Google will rank your articles in its search results.

As a result, the amount of traffic from Google to your blog will continue to increase.

Having better domain authority (DA) of a website means that the quality of the website is very good in the eyes of Google and hence its importance in search results.

In order to be successful in blogging, a lot of traffic or visitors must come from the search engine on your blog.

And so, you have to start today to create backlinks for your blog.

Remember, you need to create a backlink from Google search engine to get regular traffic to your website.

Moreover, the process of creating this backlinks must continue at all times.

But, like you, there are many bloggers who don't know what a backlink means and how to create a backlink.

As a result, they are getting a lot less traffic from Google search engine.

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So, in this article I will tell you all about "What is a Website Backlink" and "How to Create SEO Backlinks".

What is a Backlink?

Simply, backlinks are a very important part of search engine optimization (SEO) and we have to create a website backlink to increase the domain authority, search engine preference and search engine ranking of our blog.

Now if I explain to you well about the backlink, it may take a while.

A backlink means that the "URL link" of your website resides on another website. And, from that website you get an external link to your website.

As an example,
Suppose I am writing an article on my blog. And, in a section of my article, I provided a "URL Link to an Article" of your blog.

What you need to do is, you can get a quality backlink from my blog or website through the URL link provided in the article on your blog or website.

And, when you have your own blog's URL address on various other websites or blogs, each of those external links will be a backlink of your website.

Then, through those backlink or external links, Google bots pass the link juice to your website.

As a result, Google's trust in your blog increases and later Google search ranking on the website becomes better.

Do you understand? Hope you understand.

If you have now understood what a backlink means, then now you should know about the types of backlink.

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What are the types of backlink?

Below, I will tell you about some types and variations of backlinks. In it, you will find out more about the backlink.

  • Internal links: Internal links are backlinks within our own blogs. That means, when we write articles on a blog, we can create internal backlinks with links to some other articles on our blog.
  • External links: As I said above, these kind of backlinks are all you have to make on other blogs or websites. That means, hopefully links to our website from other websites.
  • Link juice: When creating a backlink via hyperlink to other blogs or websites, Google bots follow those links to link to your blog. This link juice helps increase search engine traffic by increasing the domain authority of your blog.
  • Low - quality links: When a backlink comes to your website from a bad, spam, low quality or harvested website, low quality links are created. These kinds of backlinks are very dangerous for your blog.
  • High-quality links: When a backlink comes to your blog from a good and high quality website with a good DA and PR, that backlink is a high quality external link.
  • No-follow links: When others use the "rel = nofollow" tag on the backlink from other websites, those backlinks are no follow backlinks. Google bot does not pass their link juice through this type of link. Therefore, these types of backlinks do not work particularly well.
  • Do-follow links: When the "rel = nofollow" tag is not used in the links from other websites on our blog, those links are do-follow links. And, through this kind of link, Google passes its link juice. So, this kind of backlink is a lot of work for your blog.

So, by now you might have understood all about the type of backlinks. Now we will know below "How to create a backlink for your website".

How to create a backlink?

There are many rules behind creating a backlink. But, when creating a backlink for a website, you must focus on many things.

For example, do not take backlinks from any low quality and low domain authority website.

All the time, websites with good quality and good domain authority will take backlinks. Moreover, by creating more and more backlinks, Google can take your blog as spam.

In this, the ranking of your Google search will be greatly reduced. And, Google may permanently remove your website from its own search.

So, always try to create backlinks from high quality and clean websites that have good domain authority. To check the authority of the website, you can go to this website - "Check website authority".

Here are the 3 rules for making a backlink securely. Using the ways below, I create a backlink for my own blog. And, you can also use these methods to create backlinks if you want.

1. Quora question & answer site:

Quora is a question & answer website where anyone can answer people's questions. And, with the answer you give you can link to your blog and website.

Quora, a very high quality, popular website with higher domain authority.

And, it will be much more profitable to get backlinks to your website from quora.

As such, it is much easier to create a quality backlink for a blog. This is one of my favorite ways to create backlinks.

2. Blog commenting:

Blog commenting is the easiest way to create a backlink to the media. And, this medium is used by almost every blogger today.

Here you need to find some other blogs related to your blog article (you can find it on Google search).

Then, find 5 blog and comment on any of their articles.

When making a comment you need to submit the comment by adding the URL address of your blog to that comment.

In many blogs, you are asked to give your website address when commenting. If so, be sure to give your blog address.

Now, after submitting a comment, you will get a backlink to your website when that comment appears in the comment section of that article.

This way, you can create a backlink by using the compact options below the articles in various blogs.

But, remember, you can only comment on blogs or websites associated with your blog article. And, never comment on "low quality" or "spammy" websites.

3. Directory submission sites

This process of creating backlinks was very common. Today, however, very few people are using this medium.

In the process, you have to submit the URL address of your blog or website to various web directory websites.

Web directory websites have a list of thousands of different websites. As a category, the link and details of different websites are given.

And so, backlinks from web directories are much less likely to be of good quality.

However, if you use some good web directory, which has good quality, spam free and DA is high, then this process of creating high quality backlink in good quality is best.

Some good and high quality web directory sites are -

  1. Best Of The Web
  2. AboutUs
  3. Blogarama
  4. Indiblogger
  5. Blogadda

4. Guest post.

Guest posting is the best and most profitable way to create a backlink for a website.
Because, through guest posting you get contextual backlinks and the quality of that link is great.

"Guest posting" means publishing articles on other blogs or websites related to the topic of your blog.

And, when writing an article on other blogs, you should enter the URL of your blog in that article.

In it, you will get a good quality backlink from that blog to your blog.

But, be careful about the blogs that you want to post guest on, so that the blog has more DA and PR.

After all, contact the blog and website owner, you will need permission for guest posting.

After getting permission, you can write an article on their blog and create a backlink for your blog by linking to it.

5. Social networking site profiles.

This medium is a lot of work to get good quality backlinks for the website. you just need to create a profile by going to some popular and good social networking websites.

And, when creating a profile, you have an option to link to your own website on almost every social media website.

Finally, when you link to your website created on various social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, you get a backlink there.

Moreover, various social networking sites ask you to write about yourself (about or bio) when creating profiles. You can also earn a backlink through the URL link of your blog in your bio or about me section.

Our last words,

So guys, what is Backlink and how to create a backlink for your website, you probably have a good understanding.

In order to bring up the first 5 results of any blog article in Google search, you must have a good number of backlinks to your blog.

The more good and quality backlinks are on your blog, the more Google will trust your blog. And as a result, your blog's search engine traffic will increase. Thanks.

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