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  • What is Emission spectrum?
  • Types of emission spectrum.
  • What is continuous spectrum?
  • Characteristic of continuous spectrum.
  • What is line spectrum?
  • Characteristic of line spectrum.
  • What is band spectrum?
  • Characteristic of band spectrum.

What is spectrum?

We can get the spectrum by dispersing the light emitted from any light source. This spectrum can be of different types. Atomic theory provide reasons for this types. The spectram available from different light sources are mainly two types
1. Emission spectrum.
2. Absorption spectrum.

What is Emission spectrum?

Emission spectrum

It is possible to excited a meterial in such a way that it emits light. The nature of light depending on the material and temperatureof the. The spectrum that this light creates on the spectroscope device is called the Emission Spectrum.

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An object can be excited in many ways, such as increasing the temperature, moving the object in a gaseous state, and placing it under small pressure etc.

The spectroscope an optical instrument, with which spetrum can be created and analysed. There are three types of emission spectrum

  • 1. Continuous spectrum.
  • 2. Line spectrum.
  • 3. Band spectrum

What is Continuous spectrum?


The emission spectrum in which these seven colors from red to violet are arranged in a continuous manner is called the continuous spectrum. There is no gap between red and violet colour. In another way, the spectrum is not divided into multiple sections by a single black line or ribbon.

Source of continuous spectrum 

This type of spectrum is emitted from solid and liquid materials due to high heat. Such as the filament of a bright electric lamp, white hot metal, etc. When the pieces are heated enough it turns red. This spectrum emits from electric bulb at its white hot state, electric heater at its red hot state.

Characteristics of continuous spectrum

The yellow part of the continuous spectrum is the brightest. And the brightness gradually decreases from yellow to two ends, that is, to the red and purple ends. The temperature of the source is known from the continuous spectrum, but no information is known about the chemical composition of the source. This is because the continuous spectrum caused by different chemicals object is almost identical.

What is line spectrum?

In this emission spectrum, some fine parallel lines of different colours are seen separately, called the line spectrum. There is a black stripe between the lines of this spectrum, which means that when the lines are removed, the rest of the spectrum is dark. so obviously not all light wavelengths are present in this spectrum.

Characteristics of line spectrum

The light emits from atom forms different types of line spectrum, so the line spectrum is characteristic of an atom. So by looking at this spectrum, it is possible to identify an atom. The position of the spectral lines of each element are precise.

For example, two yellow lines go very close in the sodium line spectrum. Examination has shown that the basic structure does not produce( that type of yellow line) other than sodium. Again, one red, one blue, and two violet lines are also seen in the spectrum of the hydrogen gas. So reviewing the spectrum, it can be possible to identify these atoms.

By analyzing the line spectrum, a lot of information about the structure of an atom can be found. By looking at the brightness of the spectrum lines, it is often possible to understand the magnitude of the elements. Line is the property of atoms or elemental substances.

What is band spectrum?

The emission spectrum in which different bright stripes of different colors are seen separately is called the band spectrum. Between two bright stripes, there have a black (dark) stripe. That is, the rest of the spectrum, except the bright stripes, is dark. So its name is ribbon spectrum. Clearly not all wavelengths are present in this spectrum.

Characteristic of band spectrum

The side of each stripe is very bright and this side of the ribbon is called the band head. Going from one side to another side, the brightness gradually merges with the darkest regions. As a result, the boundary is blurred. This side of the ribbon is called the band tail. Observing the ribbons very well, you can see that in each ribbon there are fine lines very close to each other. The distance between the two lines, adjacent to the ribbon, is extremely low. As move from the band head to the band tail, this distance gradually increases.

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