Jio brought back all the old plans, see how you will get the plans

The situation in the country's telecoms is very bad because they are all debt consolidated. This time there is no way to avoid the plan, other than raising the price of the plan. So they did it this time.  Airtel, Vodafone and jio have all increased their plan prices.

And as a result, all the customers are in great trouble. But what else to do, must use the mobile. So they have accepted it.  But this time, jio has given its customers an advantage.

If customers want to get old plans, they can easily get them but for that they have to go to jio app and can recharge if they show the old plan there. However, this opportunity is only for those who have not yet recharged the new jio plan.

In addition, if customers go to jio's website and set up their phone numbers, they will get more benefits and can easily recharge from there. Jio has increased prices by 40% from their previous plans, but they have also increased the opportunity by 300%.

So this time, customers are getting comparative advantage over jio as before. The jio has all the plans from 199 to 2199, and within it all the amenities.

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