How To Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console 2019 - Total Guide

Just recently somebody made some questions in the context of a Sitemap.  What is this Sitemap? Why is this so important?  How do you create a Sitemap?  Many such questions  So I thought why not give you some information about this today.  All new bloggers who make new blogs must know about it.  So today we will know what this Sitemap is and how to create a Sitemap, the complete information about  sitemap.

What is a Sitemap?

In simple language, the Sitemap is simply a list of pages of your website.  Let's know what Google has to say about this.  According to Google, Sitemap is the list of your website or blog containing all the pages of your blog that are listed, and can not find Google's search engine if you did not include them in that Sitemap.  Creating a Sitemap and submitting it reveals Google about their existence, otherwise sometimes Google's spider does not crawl those pages.

Sitemap is very important for any website or blog because it tells search engines about the pages of your blog, it also explains how content is in your blog and how often it is updated.  This information helps Search Engines to show your content in Search Result.

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XML Sitemap Why We Need

By the way, if we look at the search engine optimization perspective, then Sitemap for any website or blog is very important.  As I have said before, even if the ranking of any website from Sitemap does not increase, it is necessary that if any page has not indexed it, then it becomes index.  Specially, it is very good for new blogs or websites.  This is because new blogs generally do not get much back-links in their individual posts, so they do not appear in search engines.  And it is very difficult to find them in favor of search engines.

If we talk about old websites, we can know that their posts are fully indexed so search engines keep on crawling them very easily.  And as soon as they update their posts, search engines also know this, so that they fix Crawl Rate for those websites.  Thereby increasing the overall visibility of those websites.

How Search Engine Finds a Sitemap

Search Engines are very smart in finding a Sitemap.  Whenever you publish a new post, a ping reaches those search engines, so that those search engines find that there is some change in the Sitemap of that website.

How to submit website or blog sitemap in Google Search Console?

Here we explain step by step how to submit the sitemap of blogger blog to Google search console. You should follow my steps carefully till last and submit the sitemap of your blogger blog to Google search console.


First of all, go to the Dashboard of your Blogger Blog.


Now click on Settings here and click on Search Preferences below. Then click Edit in front of Google Search Console.


Now you have reached the Dashboard of Google Search Console.  Now click on your property here.  {Ie, click on your blog}


Now after clicking on your blog {Property} here, a page will open again.  Here you click on Crawl and then click on the Sitemap option below.


After clicking on the Sitemap, a page will open again.  Here you click on ADD / TEST SITEMAP.


After clicking on Add / Test Sitemap then a small page will open.  To add the URL of your sitemap, add the URL of your sitemap in the box that you see in front of the add box here, and click Submit.

Your sitemap will be added to the google search console as soon as you click on submit, and it will look like the image below.

Final Word: -

How to submit blog sitemap to google search console?  You must have understood this, and through this post you can easily submit the sitemap of your blog in google search console, and I hope this article will be helpful for you.

If you have any problems in submitting a sitemap of a blog, then you can ask me by commenting, I will be happy to help you.

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