What is a hosted and a non-hosted Adsence account ? and differences between these

What is Adsense Hosted and Non-Hosted Account?  We are going to tell about this in this post.  Actually, this confusion of many people remains what is a Hosted account in Adsense and what is a non-hosted Adsense account.  If you too have become a confusion between them, then do not worry we will try to remove all the confusion related to this post.

Adsense is a service of Google.  In this, large companies show their ads in different websites by promoting their popularity.  Adsense is considered the best advertising network in the present time.  Almost Indian Blogger is making money by displaying adsense ads in their blogs.  If you also have a blog or website, you can also make money from Adsense.

 You can earn money from Adsense in two ways.  First by blogging and making another video, uploading it to YouTube.  Both ways are great and easy, you can choose the way you like in both of them.  To blogging, you will have to create a blog and update it by updating the new information.  When your blog starts to get good traffic, you can earn money by applying for Adsense and showing it in your blog.  If you want to earn money from YouTube, then you have to first create a video and upload it to YouTube.  When you get good views in your video, you can earn money by monetizing it by connecting with Adsense.

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I have seen these discussions in social media for a few days in what is Adsense Hosted and Adsense Non-Hosted Account?  There is a confusion about this in the minds of many people.  So, in this post i will tell them about all the confusion related to it.  If you are a new Adsense user, then you will need basic and advanced knowledge about Adsense.  Because if you want to earn more money than Adsense, you will need to know the little things about Adsense.  So let's not take much time to know about them.

What is Hosted Adsense Account?

The most important point of the Hosted Adsense account is that it is very approved.  Because to create this account, you have to become a Google Partner and that's why it get approved soon. If you create an adsense account for YouTube, it will provide you with a Hosted account. Similarly if you create Adsense account for Blogspot Blog or Hubpages, you will get a Hosted Account.  If you are creating a hosted adsense account for Youtube, your account will be approved very soon. If you still do not understand, then i would like to tell in simple that when you create your Adsense account for Google website (like YouTube, Blogger) you will be provided a Hosted account.

What is Non-Hosted Adsense Account?

The biggest thing of non-Hosted Adsense account is that it is not easily approved.  If there is a slight decrease in your site then your adsense account will not be approved.  When we create an Adsense account for our website, we are given Non-Hosted Account.  If we tell you in simple, then when we create Adsense account for WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla, Weebly or any custom domain site, then we are given Non-Hosted adsense account.

Hosted VS Non-Hosted Adsense Account: What's the difference between the two?

Just as I told you about the definition in both of the above, hopefully you have come to know a little bit about the differences between these two.  If you still do not understand, then let me tell you that when we create an adsense account for YouTube, Blogspot or Hubpages, we get a Hosted Account and if we create an adsense account for a custom domain site, then we will be non-hosted  get account  Hosted adsense account is quickly approved and non-hosted account is very difficult to get approved.

I hope you know about the Hosted and Non-Hosted Adsense account and the difference between the two.  If you have any questions related to this post, please comment.  Please share this post in social media.

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  1. Now its clear about Hosted Adsense account and a non hosted adsense account. Thank you sir.

    1. Thanks to you sayan. It my pleasure to serve you