What is Google Adsense and how does it work?

What is Google Adsense ?

Adsense is an online advertising service from Google that permits blog or website owners to make money from their blog or website by posting ads. The ads generate automatically, related to the content the visitor is viewing or searching for and posted on a website using JavaScript.

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How does Google Adsence work ?

There are many ways to monetize your website or blog traffic, and most of them are related to advertising third-party products or services to your website or blog visitors. There are many advertising programs that can help you earn money  but the most popular is Google Adsense.

When any visitor clicks on an advertisement link or image banner, Google pays the website owner a percentage of what they charged for the ad.

Impressions – this is based on the number of pageviews of pages or posts. More audience=more pageviews=big impression= more earning.

Ads Clicks – this is based on how many people click on the ads and visit the links.

* Google pays more amounts in case of ad clicks than page impressions.

If you are using Google Blogger, you can use the Monetize tab to set up and manage an AdSense account.

If you use self-hosted WordPress, you can visit the AdSense website and apply for an account. You’ll receive a code that you can place wherever you’d like, or you can use a plugin to help with placement.

If you use free WordPress, you cannot use AdSense, but you can use WordAds if you have your own custom domain.

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