How to create Google Auto Ads and place it on WordPress 2019

However, I don't have to tell everyone about Adsense. All of you know about Adsense but if you are a new blogger and you do not know about it. Let me tell you about it.

Google Adsense is an online advertising agency company, What does it contain?  We place Google Ad's code in our site / website so that our website shows ads and when a visitor clicks on your ads, Google gives money to that click.

This is a website and you can earn a lot of good money through Google AdSense.

And if you do not have any website, you should first create your own website if you want to create a free blog, how to create a website for free, to create adsense ad unit.

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When you have created your new blog and you are able to incur a traffic on it, then it is best to apply on adsense if you do not have to apply, how do you apply and apply this ad on Google Adsense

When you apply google adsense par, now it's time to ad posting so you can follow the steps below and upload the adsense code to your wordpress blog.

How to create Adsense Ad ?

  • First of all, login to Adsense account.
  • Click on "Ads". 
  • Then click on "Auto Ads".
  • Click on the right corner at "Set up Auto Ads" tab.
  • Copy Adsense code and publish on website / blog

This was the 6 Step to create Adsense Auto Ads, we will now know in detail with pictures.

1. First of all, you can go to and enter your email ID and password to log in.

2. Now you see the above Ads written, then you click on it.

3. When you click on Ads, you will see "Auto Ads" option and now click it. A new screen will be opened. Here you will find a " Set up Auto Ads" tab at the right hand side.

4. When you click on "Set up Auto Ads" button, you will have a code display. It is your code of adsense. You have to put this code in your website and then the ad will live on your site.

To get the ad code live in your blog, what you do is copy the code that will be displayed in front of you and paste it on the wordpress blog if you do not have to paste, then follow the step below.

How to place Ads in WordPress ?

In this, you are explaining how to make an ad placement in WordPress, which we can apply in the sidebar of our website.

 If you have to advertise in the sidebar of your blog then what you first do is open the WordPress Dashboard and then you will see the Appearance written there, then you will take your mouse over there. Now you will have some options, then you will have the Widgets option. Click here.

WordPress  Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets -> Text.

Now you will find many available Widgets there, then you have to choose widgets with text and then paste your Adsense Ad code there on which we had to copy in the above article.

When you paste the ad code, click on the save button.  Now the place where you placed the code, there will be a blank space in your site, your ad will take at least 1 or 2 hours to show, after that blank space will be live with Ads.

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