How to approve Google Adsense Account 2019 - Top 6 easy steps

Welcome to In today's article, we will know about Google AdSense Account Approval.

Many people today are learning to earn money online and sitting at home, there are many ways. If you want to earn money sitting at home then let me tell you that maybe this can be a very good decision, and if you have your own website, then there is no better thing than this.

To get a Google Adsense Account, it is very important to have a daily traffic of at least 300 to 500 visitors on your website.

If your website has a daily traffic of up to 2000 then Google AdSense can prove to be one of the best platforms for you to monetize your website and earn around $ 5 to $ 10 on 2000 visitors. Or even more.

Applying for Google AdSense is very easy, but it may be as difficult as you can to Adrove Adsense Account.
Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult in countries such as India, China, Pakistan.

Because people of India are smart enough to do some tricks to get an AdSense Account, which we call Black Hat SEO / Paid, also know the name of Traffic.

If you do not know, then let me tell you that these ways come traffic to your site, but the Google AdSense account becomes disapproved.

So I will say to you that in order to earn money for a long time, you can stay away from things like Black Hat SEO and all those spamming so that your blog has no loss of any kind.

Before knowing how to approve by Adsense we should know what is Google Ads Adsense

Adsense run by Google is an online advertising company that Google created on June 18, 2003.In this, you have to copy the Ad Code to your site, so that ads appear on your site.

After that, when someone clicks those ads, Google gives those website clicks to the website holder.

Let's now know that we can name the three things with which Adsense Approve: -

                   ●Website / Blog
                   ●YouTube Video
                   ●Mobile Applications

In today's article we will learn that how to approve Google Adsense account. Let's start: -

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How to approve Google Adsense account ? ( Top 7 steps).

Approved Google Adsense Account is not too difficult, if you keep these things in mind then

Before you read these points, you should read Google AdSense Policy, then read my stated points.

1. Create Pages

The first and foremost task is to create a page on your website, many bloggers are not aware of it.  So let's know about those pages-

About us: Write about your site and yourself, so that visitors and Google know your website better.  

Contact us: Create Contact us page on your website and use your Professional Email ID. If not, then you can also use the Normal ID and use the Contact Form.

Privacy Policy: In the privacy-policy page, tell about your site's policy as you  What you use in the site, how you use visitor information, which company's ads are used, you can write in all this page. There are more pages such as Comment Policy, Disclaimer etc. But above 3 pages are very important.

We make this page so that Google knows that we are serious in our work and our website is a Professional Site.

2. No CCP - CCE is required.

You do not have to do CCP (cut, copy, paste) at your site, it will not get Adsense in your site, but your website will become even more useless.

So what should you do with CCP instead of CCE (cut, copy, edit), this means that you copy the article from another blog and paste it into Notpad, and then paste that article into your language (fresh content, new words). Edit with it and finally publish it.

3. Focus on content

In order to Approve Google Adsense Account, we first write an article ranging from 300 to 500 words and apply for Adsense and the Adsense application was also Approved.

With time, everything is changing, and in the same way, Google has become much more strict in today's time and it does not allow your application to be faster.

 Friends, Content is a Major Point to Get Adsense Approval. You write at least 1000+ words to your article so that the content of your site will not be copied and traffic will also increase.

4. SEO friendly design/layout.

Keep in mind that the design of your site should be simple and elegant, because it does not look good at seeing the flare flare.

Along with this you should use the Navigation of all pages correctly, so that the visitor and Google have no problem.

There should not be a 404 ERROR on your website.

Do not add anything more to your widgets, just add the work page.

5. Submit XML-sitemap

You can create a xml-sitemap of your website / blog and submit it to "Google, Bing, Yahoo" so that all pages and posts from your site are indexed and Adsense can better understand your site.

6. Google Adsense vs. Other Ad networks

When you apply on Adsense, do not use ADS for any other company on your blog.

Well we have many other companies like Infolinks, Chitika, which can use both Ads and Google Ads together, but when you apply, then remove all the ads first and then apply.

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7. How old should the site be: According to Adsense Policy, their policy states that your website should be at least 6 months old.  (in India)

But if I admit to myself and the big bloggers living in India, then they all have their Adsense Account in 5 days and it is true.

So the good thing is that you do not have to sit for 6 months, you can apply when your site is fully prepared.

                          ●Post: How many posts will you apply? 50, 100 or 150?

If I say you do not have 50, not 100, but write 10 posts just so!  Yes, my friends! You can get Adsense Approved in 10 posts but the condition is that you have your content quality, and you have to write the correct information and 1000+ words in that content.

                          ●Traffic: Traffic is an essential thing for Adsense.  If you have Adsense on your site and there is no traffic, Adsense is also of no use.

Organic Traffic should be on your site that come from Google, Bing, Yahoo and even search engines and at least your site should have up to 250 daily traffic.  And Alexa Rank should be below 50,00,000.

So, friends follow the steps given above and i am hoping that your blog also will be approved by Adsense.

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