Add bell icon or a subscribe button in your blog or website

What is a bell icon or subscribe button ?

If you have a blog or website, then this post is going to be very important. Because in this post i will say you how to add a bell icon or subscribe button in your blog or website and how are we benefited due to this subscribe button. So, read this post very carefully.

Why you should use a subscribe button on your blog pages ?

There have many websites or blog where you can see a subscribe button or a bell icon on the pages. To attract audience and provide him your all post notification you have to add a bell icon and subscribe button in your blog or website.

How does it work ?

It works as a notification sender for your website or blog. When you post an article on your website it send a notification to all of your subscriber. Audience get notification and read post quickly.

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Create bell icon using Onesignal

Step-1: To create a bell icon or subscribe button you have to go to Onesignal website. Because it is the best website. And open an account here with valid credentials.

Step-2: After signup, you can see an "ADD APP" option in your dashboard as shown in figure below and click it.

Step-3: Here you have to put your website name and save it for next step.

Step-4: Click the "web push" tab.

Step-5: Then an interface will open like the below figure and click the icon as shown.

Step-6: Now you will ask for in which blogging platform you want to create the subscribe button. If you use blogger blog, then choose blogger.

Step-7: After that , some details are given to you to fill up for your website or blog. Just follow them....

1. Site name - fill this with your blog tittle name or website name. Example - UnknoWn to KnoWn

2. Site URL - write your website or blog url here. Example -

3. Default icon URL - Here we can customize your bell icon. My recommendation is to leave it empty.

4. Choose lebel - Here we have to write your blog or website title.

Step-8: Permission prompt setup -  Here if you click on "Add a prompt" , a new window will be opened. Here you can change the position of icon , the colour of icon, etc. After that save it.

Step-9: Welcome notification - In this tab , you have nothing to change. Just scroll down the page and save it.

Step-10: After saving the page you will find html codes, just copy it.

Step-11: Now go to your blogger layout , click on "add widget" and select "HTML/Javascript" widget and paste here the codes.

  • Yes, now you are done.

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