Earn money playing online games like stick pool club

Today, it is very easy to earn money online. There have many process to earn money like viewing ads,  apps, playing games, etc. One of the easiest way to earn money though playing online games. We can earn a great amount of paytm money playing "Stick Pool Club " game. Now i am going to share you the process that how we can register "Stick Pool Club" game and earn paytm money. It can gives you 7.6 rupee per win contest.

How to register for Stick Pool Club?

1) To register you must have a valid paytm wallet to withdrawal the earn money. If don't have then do it quickly
2) To download this app, click here.
3) Download and install the app and open it with active Internet.
4) Then you will find login with facebook. Click it. And login with your facebook id and password and continue. .

5) Then we will see a tab where you have to fill your phone number for OTP verification. Putting the number Verify it.
6) Immediately you will get 250 real money coins to play.
7) On the top of right screen, click the real money tab.

5) Now you have various choice to play real money contest with various entry fee. My recommendation is to play with 100 real money i.e. the Eagle sign tab.
Click it and enjoy play with other, and earn paytm money.


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