The country's(India) first bio-fuel powered army plane is flying on Republic Day

The country's first biofuel army aircraft is flying in the sky on the Republic Day. On Thursday, the Defense Ministry said the AN-32 army aircraft was fully equipped with organic fuel aircraft. A military certification agency has prepared this plane indigenously. On January 26th, on the Republic Day, the aircraft will fly in the sky.

After the meeting of some prominent scientist and Chief Executive Officer of Center for Military Airworthiness and Certification, the aircraft has been given the clearance of flight. Larger national bodies of the country and even foreign companies also recommend this biomass plane.

In August 2018, a passenger plane made from organic fuel passed from Dehradun to Delhi. The biological fuel of this aircraft was prepared from a fruit juice called JattroFa. This oil was made at the Indian Institute of Petroleum Research Center, Dehradun. This fuel can be prepared at very low cost and duje to low pollution, the army aircraft has been prepared using this fuel. Prepared fuel oil for army aircraft has been prepared for the first time.

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