Impossible to make call a person inside a submarine

Today's age we know the necessity of cell phones or mobile phones.

But do you really know the activities behind make a call? 
How it works?

Mobile phones are made depending upon  many scientific facts. One of those, the main facts is, its signal. Without signal or with bad singal we face many problems.

Actually the signal is composite of Electric and magnetic waves,that is Electromagnetic wave. According to physics it has a property that the energy of this wave decay exponentially when it tries to pass through a conductor, called "Skin Depth Effect "

Salty water of the sea behaves like a good conductor and the metallic body of submarine also a good conductor.

Submarine inside the sea 
So,when we call by a phone to a person who is inside a submarine, the wave can not reach upto the person due to its rapid energy loss due to passing through the conductor behaved water and the metallic body.
So we can't make a phone call to the person when he or she under the water.
 Due to this same reason, there have a hesitation in listening a phone call inside a train (iron metallic body).

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