The full detail of Rainbow

You used to see a rainbow after a rainfall. we can see almost on a rainy day. We few know the reason of it.Now we will know, what is this? What the reason behind its formation.

     Rainbow is a visible arcade line which is caused by reflection and refraction of sunlight in the atmosphere in the atmosphere. Normally after rain, the rainbow on the opposite side of the sun can be seen in the sky. Seven colors of rainbow are seen in rainbow. Seeing it is bent like a bow, its name is Rainbow.



    When the sun's light goes through the rain particles or water vapor-mixed air, spectral occurs due to the refraction of the light. The light in this spectrum is divided into seven colors. These seven colors are violet, blue, indigo, green, yellow, orange and red; In Bangla, these colors are summarized in their initials: VIBGYOR in BeniAsakala and English Due to the different wavelengths of these seven-color light, they vary in bending. For example, red color beams are curved at 42 ° angle. On the other hand, purple rays are curved in the 40 ° corners. Other color light rays are curved at different corners of 40 ° to 42 °. For this reason the colors of the rainbow are always seen in a particular row.

    Another bright rainbow appears less bright than the initial bright rainbow, in which the colors are in rotation. The sky between the two arc (Dark Zone of Alexander) is a bit darker than the rest of the sky, but this variation can be avoided if not noticed properly.

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