Possibility of God, in the way of science

From our childhood, we were teach that there have an unique thing or something, called God who is driving our universe. And he or she is the owner of this whole universe. Always we accept it but never verify it. Different religion has different explanation to have God. According to Hindus MAHADEV SHIB is the creator of this universe. According to Muslim another one, say ALLAH and etc.

In other hand GITA,QURAN,BIEBEL are carried own descriptions supporting own religion. But which one is right? Who is the creator of this whole universe? Who is this GOD ?

Did science ever verify it? Today's age,everything can be explained using the help of science. As an example,Long long years ago,we were far away from reason behind "ALEYA GHOST LIGHT ".

Aliya Ghost Light

But using the help of science now we can explain this global phenomena.Like this science has solved many unsolved problems. To find the possibility of God, science has also played a role.

The scientific "Big Bang" theory supports the possibility.Now question must arises in our mind, What is "Big Bang"?

The "Big Bang" is a scientific successful theory  about how the universe started, the made of stars and galaxies we see today, with stars,atoms,structure. Then about 13.8 billion years ago, according  to this theory space burst like a bomb.This started the formation of star and galaxies. So accroding to this theory universe is a big certain EXPLOSION.
In science words, to burst a bomb,we have to give a external energy in terms of fire energy.In real life,In Diwali we give fire to a bomb to blast it.
In the case of big bang may be God played the role to give external energy to expand the universe.
So in the way of science ,there also have a big possibility of GOD.

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