Mystery in the History (Hazaraduari Palace)

Hazaraduari Palace 

This palace is a living idol of Italy's architectural collar.Nobody can say correctly about the name of this palace. Generally this kind of nomenclature. This palace has many doors. There are numerous doors in this palace, many of which are not proper doors, and are counted as fake doors. Whereas, on 29 August 1829, Nawab Nazim Humayun ja laid the foundation stone of this palace in the presence of the governor general Lord William Cavendish and many well-known people. The construction of this palace is completed and the cost is Rs 18 lakhs. Because of the large amount of egg yolk used in the use of millet.
This palace is a three-storey building, very impressive. There are an armory, office - closet, recordroom etc. on one floor. There are 2,600 weapons in the Arsenal arm - these weapons are used in the Palashi war. Some of these weapons are famous - such as Alibardi's used toilets and giant guns, Nader Shah's helmet, Mirkasim's shaara, different types of cannons, shirra etc. The assassination of Mihhamdi Beg Siraj-U-D'Daall, with the help of a knife, is also carefully kept in this armory. The "art galleries" and libraries are located in Dichol and Tritle. The paintings of many famous painters have been found in the Art Gallery, among them "The Burial of Sir John More, Adom and Eve, Black Bent" are specially mentioned. . "There are many books of big books, many thousands of documents, dramas, novels, copperplates, history, documentary documents, foreign texts written in foreign languages, etc. The manuscript, written by Abul Fazal, also appears here, here is a huge album with a large size. There are 3 hands in length, 2 hands in width, 20 kg weight, and well known in Baghdad; Writer Haroon - All - The manuscript of the receipts draws attention to everyone.
The area of ​​the entire fort complex is 41 acres. On the other side of the millennium palace, Manarmam got a garden shiva. The front of the ground floor. The huge staircase has reached up to the "Darbari cell", in front of the tall gaellar pillars There are beautiful jobs and two lionesses on the fore side of the stairs have done more to its beauty. Presently, this Hazarduari Palais and Imambara are under the supervision of Ministry of Archeological Survey of India and the present name has been given. "Hazaraduari Palace Museum" | After the Government of India's acquisition, the lamps were completely shuffled electrically by repair and painting. The old photos are cleaned by chemical washing.
It is possible that the time of Nayab humayun jaar in Hajduarari Palace Many valuable things are covered in dust. If these are carefully maintained in different rooms, it is expected that this will be turned into a large museum at Hazaduriari Palace.

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