God gifted Child "Prabhadeep Singh"

Prabhadeep Singh 

Meet Prabhadeep Singh from Panjab.He was a shining dance icon of "Dance Dewane" (indian dance show on colour tv).He was not a dancer only but more than it. He could dance without listening the song. Not only that,he also could not speak. Could you believe it ?? Where it is too difficult to match the body language with the beat, He have done it easily. Unfortunately a co-incident was happened with him,when he was 1 month old. Mistakenly he was dropped from his mother's loin. This co-incident took away his ebility to hear and speak. But he never stop. Atlast he took part the dance show. Back to back elegant performances were given by the God gifted child. Unfortunately he did not get the wining trophy but he was able to make many indian hearts in his favour.

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