Brief explanation of SOLAR SPECTRUM

 The spectrum which is seen in spectroscopy due to the light comes from sun, called  solar spectrum. In solar spectrum, seven colours from read to violet are seen continuously.

Fraunhofer lines = Testing with Spectroscopy with high analytical capabilities shows that many black lines are present in the spectrum.  Some black lines are seen in the spectrum. The position of this black lines in the spectrum is specific. The existence of this black lines indicate that some part of sunlight coming from the sun's atmosphere are absorbed by various substances. So, the Solar spectrum is indeed the lines absorption spectrum. In 1801 scientist Wallaston was the first to discover the black lines. But German scientist Fraunhofer specifically examined and collected details information about this line. That's why the lines are called fraunhofer lines. 
Fraunhofer lines 

The origin of Fraunhofer lines = Fraunhofer could not indicate the cause of the solar spectrum black lines. From the special law of German scientist Kirchhoff, we get a bold description about Fraunhofer lines. According to this formula, if an object emits a specific wavelength at a certain temperature, that object can absorb the light of that particular wavelength in that temperature. The layer that we see in the sun is called the Photosphere. The layer is generally considered to be the surface of the sun. The average temperature of photosphere is almost 5700K . The substances present here are gaseous.  The temperature in the centre of the sun is almost 15000000K. The radiation coming from the centre, through the low temperature photosphere. As a result,  different colours of light from this radiation are absorbed by photosphere. For this exploitation, the black lines are created.

Importance of Fraunhofer lines = Many of basic element that exist in the earth are present in the sun's atmosphere i.e. there have exact match of the spectrum of many elements of our familarity with this Fraunhofer lines. From this, it is understood that the specific elements are present in the sun's atmosphere. In this way, the Solar spectrum has been found to detect more than 70 basic elements. Long before the existence of Helium in the world this gas is discovered from the absorption of solar spectrum.

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