A Normal Pen does not work in space, WHY?????

Did you know that? We can't use a normal pen in space. For this we have to use a special pen. Called "0 gravity Fisher" pen.

Fisher pen

The reason due to which we can write with a pen in earth and the reason due to which we can't write with a normal pen in space, is same. Due to "Gravitational pulling".Greatest scientist Newton discovered it first i.e. Every particles on the Earth surface experienced attraction force toward its centre.

In Earth,when we tried to write with a ball pen, then with the rolling of ball, ink come out due to Gravitational pull. But in space,there have no Gravitational pull so, ink does not come out.

The "0 gravity Fisher" pen with which we can write in space has some special mechanism and they are specious.Now the mechanism due to which we can write in space absence of gravity, is at the end of the pen,there have a container with highly pressured Nitrogen Gas. The gas separates by a sliding float with ink. This highly pressured Nitrogen Gas push ink to flow out. Such manner a fisher pen works in space.

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